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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Week In Music, Part Two: Derrick May at Cielo

A few years ago in Paris, my good friend Jules put a pair of headphones on my head and said, "man, you have to listen to this. This is Derrick May, he is a genius." Jules doesn't lie. Ever since that day I first heard the Mayday Mix, I've been Derrick May's bitch. The man just knows exactly the right way to put sounds together and make people move. His production work is also crucial, but the man is at his best behind the decks. So imagine my glee (hints: hysterical, schoolgirlish, etc.) when I found out that he was coming to mix at perhaps my favorite club in the city, Cielo, the night before Ozzfest. It was like Kwanzaa in July.

I rounded up a few of the peoples and we went out to the spot, stopping along the way for pre-game at the White Horse Tavern, where Dylan Thomas had his last drinks. Cielo is a great space with a great sound system, and their monday night parties tend to rawk. This was no exception, with the residents bringing their a-game in anticipation of the main event. Derrick May and Francois K (a new york house fixture) started their tag team set around midnight and went til closing. I got up to the booth for a picture of the shockingly skeevy looking duo:

Derrick May and Francois K, Cielo
(Derrick May, Left, Francois K, Right)

Well, you don't have to look good to sound good, I guess. They got the house pumping, and it was packed:

Dancefloor, Derrick May at Cielo
(Cielo, view from the booth)

Even Voidstar Runner, whose new album is arguably the most significant release in D&B this year was feeling it:
Voidstar gets down to Derrick May at Cielo
(Voidstar makes the o-face)

And some serious booty shaking was had by all.
|| Sam Cohen, 11:26 PM


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